In the Netherlands there are many parrots living in the house, in the garden, shops, homes, etc. The number of parrots being kept is high. Yet we still call them the forgotten animals. There absolutely no laws that define what is good for the welfare of the parrots. In other words, parrots have no rights.

The Dutch Parrot Foundation defends the rights of parrots and parakeets. Many parrots are used as a commodity. Breeding parrots is increasingly determined by the commercial interests involved in it. Poor nutrition, poor housing, neglect or improper handling, we are confronted with the tragic circumstances in which the birds live every day. We are the only animal organization that actually fights for the rights of parrots. And to do this we really need your help!
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-----01/01/2010----- Sign the online petition!

-----01/01/2010----- Bird Markets legalised animal cruelty
The government does not takes the health and welfare issues of birds seriously

-----03/10/2010----- Clothing
T-shirts with handmade decorations.

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Treat your bird with a handmade Dutch Parrot Foundation toy.

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Especially made for the Dutch Parrot Foundation. Beautiful thimbles with different motifs

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Looking for something special? Check out our unique handmade dream catchers! By purchasing one of the gifts you support the Dutch Parrot Foundation!
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-----01/01/2010----- 'Pino is cold' poster
Show you care about the fate of Pino, a baby parrot who grows up as a commodity.

-----01/01/2010----- Trade in baby parrots?
Is the trade in baby parrots to their advantage? Who really ends up better of? The breeder, the dealer or the buyer?
-----01/01/2010----- Dutch Parrot Fdn & Workgroup for Birds
The Dutch Parrot Foundation is a member of the Workgroup for Birds within the platform responsible pet ownership
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