Alpaca Show in Westerlee (Groningen) 2012

On Sunday, April 22 in Westerlee (Groningen) an Alpaca Show was held. The Dutch Parrot Foundation was present. We were received very warmly and fortunately it was possible to place our stand inside, because the weather was initially rather bad. Various stands with delicacies, but also clothing, paintings, etc. were present. During the opening we were presented and our chairman was allowed to tell something about The Dutch Parrot Foundation. The day started fairly quiet, but soon it became busier. Many people were interested and most people stayed to have a look at our stand and of course our birds. The birds have behaved themselves in an exemplary manner, although almost all of them were sitting with their heads under their wings at the end of the day, they were after all up real early that morning to be present here. It was a very nice and well organized day, with many friendly visitors. In addition to this success, we also received a donation from the organizer at the end of the day.

As usual, below a photo / video impression.

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