Animal Event 2010 Great Success

In the middle of Safaripark Beekse Bergen one of the largest pet events in the Netherlands took place last weekend. For three days hundreds of pets have been present as part of the educational program. The area was divided into five smaller areas in which horses, dogs, cats, small animals and wildlife played a central role, and every day featured more than 70 clinics, demonstrations and workshops given by professionals from all parts of the pet sector.

The Dutch Parrot Foundation
Of course The Dutch Parrot Foundation was present at the 4th Animal Event with a stand. Where we provided all sorts of information about keeping parrots and parakeets. A total of 26,645 visitors passed through the gates of Animal Event!

More than 2500 signatures!
The Dutch Parrot Foundation took this great opportunity to publicize our petition to stop the trafficking of baby parrots, and stop the hand-rearing baby parrots! The many visitors who have passed our stand have been informed about parrot welfare by our hardworking volunteers. We have asked them if they wanted to support our petition combined of course with providing the necessary information on our petition! With success! We have collected over 2500 signatures! Our volunteers have literally gone the extra mile to gather signatures. It has been fantastic hearing the other exhibitors praising our hard working volunteers. It has been noticed how hard the folks at The Dutch Parrot Foundation have worked for the rights of parrots and parakeets.

The Dutch Parrot Foundation at Animal Event 2010

Not a creature to be cuddled!
All these beautiful parrots and parakeets in the parrotjungle at our stand did not go unnoticed. It's good that their colors do not fade with each picture taken of them. The attraction of a parrot remains enormous. At lot of people have been explained why a parrot is not to be petted. A parrot is not an animal to be cuddled. The intelligent bird requires respect, and who would enjoy being petted a complete stranger? Fortunately, most visitors understood this explanation.

Parrot on your face
Saturday and Sunday young visitors had the opportunity to be facepainted into a real parrot! What is more beautiful than having a parrot on your face? Lorre has spent three days entertaining the visitors. Who would not want to pose with such a large tame talking parrot?

Seminar on the keeping of parrots and parakeets
On Friday Jan Hooimeijer has given a seminar about keeping parrots and parakeets. After the seminar, the audience was given an interesting information package about keeping parrots and parakeets. On Saturday and Sunday we provided visitors the opportunity to follow a short workshop.

Jane Goodall and Irene Pepperberg
During the event we have also drawn attention to "The Behavior Symposium" on Nov. 20 hosted by The Dutch Parrot Foundation, Archaeopteryx and The Jane Goodall Institute. The theme is: Animal Behavior- The intelligence of animals and the welfare of animals. The speakers Jane Goodall and Irene Pepperberg speak to the imagination and many people realize that this symposium is that you cannot miss.

Parrots donít bite children
One of our youngest volunteers, Robin (3), the daughter of our volunteers and Robert & Nida, has demonstrated to the visitors that parrots do not bite children, by walking around with parrots on a handy rope ring. During the event, several children experienced what it is like to have a parrot on your arm.

See you next time!
All in all, three very successful days, the foundation has made many great contacts during the event, The Dutch Parrot Foundation has made an impression the visitors will not soon forget!

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