Animal Event 2011

From 15 till 17 April the largest Animal event in The Netherlands once again took place in de Beekse Bergen.
This year was the 5th edition of the event and a total of 27.500 visitors came to check it out.

The Dutch Parrot Foundation
This provided plenty of opportunity for The Dutch Parrot Foundation to make itself heard. And we did.
In these three days we have had many conversations with owners (to be)of parrots or parakeets.
Everyone who was interested could get information.

The different animal associations gave a variety of demonstrations and workshops. In the seminar room of the Beekse Bergen several speakers were invited, including our Chairman Dr Jan Hooimeijer. He also gave several well-attended workshops at our stand. And of course we also actively engaged in the collection of signatures for our petition. This year we collected a total of over 2200 signatures.

The parrots
And our parrots liked it just fine. They sat back and enjoyed the jungle, where they attracted much attention.
Especially children were very excited seeing all these parrots, as the photos clearly show. We can look back with satisfaction on this very successful event.

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