Infomarket at in veterinary student association Archaeopteryx at the University of Utrecht “Faculty of Veterinary Medicine”.

On October 12, 2011 The Dutch Parrot Foundation was invited to the University of Utrecht “Faculty of Veterinary Medicine”, where an information day was organized by Archaeopteryx, the veterinary student association for birds and exotic animals.
There were many different foundations and associations present. From spiders to parrot and rabbits to ferrets.
Of course we brought along our green wing macaw and she drew a lot of attention. It was great to hear all the positive comments in relation to our petition.
Everyone we asked to sign in support of our fight against the hand-rearing of and trade in baby parrots, did so without any hesitation.
It was the first time The Dutch Parrot Foundation was present at this event and it's been a very pleasant experience.

The photos and video give an impression of the information market.

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