Campaigns of The Dutch Parrot Foundation

The Dutch Parrot Foundation defends the rights of parrots. There is much work to be done to get the government to realize that parrots, like all animals have fundamental rights! Due to ignorance of parrot and parakeet owners, many birds are kept and cared for wrong. In order to ensure a greater awareness and get the support of the government The Dutch Parrot Foundation campaigns to defend the interests and rights of parrots and parakeets. The Dutch Parrot Foundation has been fighting for the rights of parrots for many years! By supporting us you ensure we can keep conducting the campaigns to improve the welfare of parrots.
How can you support us?

Currently The Dutch Parrot Foundation is campaigning against the trade in and hand rearing of baby parrots by means of a petition. Why? Read more.

Campaigning takes a lot of time and quite possibly even more money. You can help us with a financial contribution. You can become a sponsor or support our campaigns.

Campaign success : A ban on importation of parrots caught in the wilds.
Action against import of and trade in parrots and parakeets which were caught in the countries of origin.
Read all about our successful campaign.
-----21/12/2009----- Become a sponsor
You can already be a sponsor for € 15.00 per year! Help us help!
-----21/12/2009----- Invite us!
Invite us to your event, open house, conference, etc. Hope to see you there!
-----21/12/2009----- Become a volunteer!
We are always looking for real parrot lovers!
-----21/12/2009----- Support our campaigns!
The more votes the better the chance that parrots get actual rights
-----27/01/2010----- ‘Pino is cold' poster
Concern yourself about the fate of Pino, a baby parrot who grows up as a commodity.
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