Course Keeping Parrots & Parakeets

Parrots and parakeets are very social and intelligent animals. Although there are a lot of parrots and parakeets kept as pets, they are definitely not domesticated animals.
Under domestication we mean a perpetual adaptation of animals to life in the company of humans. Thanks to the high intelligence of parrots (think of an intelligence comparable to children from 3 to 5 years old, similar to dolphins and chimpanzees) they are able to adapt to life with humans.

Keeping parrots requires expertise and respect. Properly keeping parrots prevents behavioural problems such as picking, biting, screaming, and ensures that the welfare of the parrot is maintained.

For who is this course intended
This course is meant for anyone who wants to know more of the welfare of the parrot. Specifically for those who agree that parrots ought to have a long, healthy and happy life.

During the course the following points are addressed:
  • The background of the normal behaviour of parrots and parakeets
  • The most important aspects of nutrition, housing and care
  • The prevention of diseases
  • The difference between normal behaviour, inappropriate behaviour and desired behaviour.
  • The 5-step behavioural protocol as developed by Drs. Jan Hooimeijer. With this protocol you can deal with parrots and parakeets in a bird-friendly way, based on mutual respect and mutual trust.

What can you do after following the course
The outcome is that participants are fully informed of properly keeping parrots. If you own a parrot or parakeet you’ll have learned how to interact with your own bird in a respectful way, how to properly care and provide for the bird, and how your bird can become a real part of the family!

The instructor of the course is Dr. Jan Hooimeijer, internationally renowned bird and parrot behaviourist vet. For more information about Dr. Jan Hooimeijer see On this site you can also find a lot of information about the responsible keeping of parrots and parakeets.

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We hope to see you at our unique, fun and educational course!
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