About The Dutch Parrot Foundation

The Dutch Parrot Foundation was founded by and for parrot and parakeet lovers.
The Dutch Parrot Foundation is a nonprofit organization that represents the interests and welfare of parrots and parakeets. The Dutch Parrot Foundation seeks to contribute to a better world through its activities in the interest of parrots.

Objectives of The Dutch Parrot Foundation
The purpose of The Dutch Parrot Foundation is to promote the welfare of parrots and parakeets in the aviculture (living room / aviary) and the survival of different parrots and                                                      parakeets in nature.

The objectives of the The Dutch Parrot Foundation, are being both nationally and internationally achieved by:
  • Standing up for the rights of parrots and parakeets and pet birds kept within the aviculture.
  • Advising not to purchase a parrot without aquiring the necessary expertise and seriously thinking through the consequences.
  • Providing advice and information about keeping parrots and parakeets and their well being.
  • Providing information about the parrot as a companion bird.
  • Preventing parrots from ending up in shelters.
  • Supporting an adoption program for parrots and parakeets.
  • Initiating and supporting activities (symposia, workshops, walking with parrots).
  • Initiation of regulatory guidelines for responsible keeping of parrots and parakeets.
  • Conducting a campaign against the hand-rearing of baby parrots.
  • Conducting a campaign against the trafficking of baby parrots that are not yet able to eat independently.
  • Highlighting the abuse of parrots on bird markets and in pet stores.
  • Raising funds for projects.
  • Working with (international) organizations.
  • Supporting research.
  • To support conservation projects in countries of origin.
More about our goals?
It is the responsibility of the owner / breeder of parrots and the (bird) veterinarians to ensure the welfare and health of the birds. Birds must feel physically and mentally well. By providing proper housing, nutrition and care parrots can become an ideal companion for life.

The Dutch Parrot Foundation provides information and education to government, veterinarians, owners, breeders, bird clubs, schools and organizations. This is accomplished through newsletters, press releases, Internet, symposia, lectures, training sessions and meetings.

The board is selflessly committed to The Dutch Parrot Foundation and could really use your help! We are looking for sponsors, donors and volunteers.

New name for Parrots and Parakeets Welfare Foundation.
The Dutch Parrot Foundation has operated under the name Parrots and Parakeets Welfare Foundation for years. The board of The Dutch Parrot Foundation has chosen a new and recognizable name, “The Dutch Parrot Foundation”.

    The Dutch Parrot Foundations new logo
    A new name calls for a new logo. Parrot Foundation primarily focuses on the interests of     parrots and parakeets in captivity and defends the rights of these parrots and parakeets.     The logo shows the nurturing hand. The nurturing hand symbolizes the fact that care should     be taken to get birds in captivity out of their cage daily.
    The semi-circle around the parrot represents the opened cage.

Jan Hooimeijer, voorzitter

-----01/01/2010----- Interview with Roel Wouters, volunteer
One of our volunteers speaking.
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