Village day in Stabroek, Belgium

The last Sunday of September The Dutch Parrot Foundation was present in Stabroek, Belgium.
We were at the same place as every year and many visitors of the market came to see us. The weather was beautiful with plenty of sunshine, and thus it was very nice to be outside that day.
As every year, the Villagestreet was packed with stands where all kinds of merchandise was offered.
Our Flemish volunteers treated us with delicious “coffee-pastry” . For which we thank them very much.
We were able to give a lot of information. And that was really necessary for some people. One lady made a remark about our Eclectus. She was convinced that it was in fact an African Grey with dyed feathers.
After a while there were many children walking about with their faces painted like princesses, crocodiles, butterflies etc..
And many people have tried their luck in our “Noterij®”.
All and all it has been another successful and useful Sunday.

Village day in Stabroek 2012

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