The Dutch Parrot Foundation during Open Day at Helicon Velp

The Dutch Parrot Foundation was invited to provide information about the welfare of parrots and parakeets during the Open Day at Helicon Velp.
The title of the open day was Animal & Behaviour

Many visitors were interested in the stand of The Dutch Parrot Foundation and signed the petition "Stop the trade in and hand-rearing of baby parrots”.
Some visitors were so enthusiastic about the petition of The Dutch Parrot Foundation, that petition lists were taken to let others sign at home, at work, internships or school.

The foundation got many reactions of surprise to the fact that by law nothing is regulated for parrots to ensure that baby’s can stay with their parents until they have reached a certain age.

Besides collecting hundreds of signatures for the petition, the foundation has created an awareness of how to properly keep parakeets and parrots and how to deal with parrots and parakeets in a respectful manner. Questions about behaviour, nutrition, education, welfare and rights were answered. Sometimes with the help of the parrots that had come along to the Open Day.

For (future) students there was an opportunity to visit a workshop about parrots , given by the President of The Dutch Parrot Foundation, Jan Hooimeijer, internationally recognized parrot behaviourist and bird vet of the Clinic for Birds in Meppel.

The Open day was a very successful day, both for Helicon as well as The Dutch Parrot Foundation.
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