Petting zoo Horsterpark 2011

Sunday, September 11 was Petting zoo Horsterpark in Duiven existed for 5 years.
A wonderful zoo with lots of space and all kinds of animals. We where given the opportunity to celebrate along with them. After a warm welcome, we were designated a nice place where we could make the bird jungle. The wind was blowing quite hard but luckily we had the option of moving our stand inside. There was a lot of interest in our stand from all the visitors. Not unsurprisingly since it is a beautiful sight when several parrots are having fun in the jungle.
We got to provide many people with information on the welfare of parrots. It was a nice afternoon, which despite the weather forecast turned out to be quite nice. Near the end of the afternoon we did get some raid, but all in all the afternoon was very successful.
We sure hope to come back again

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