Walking in Lunteren 2012

Though the cold and generally bad weather on Wednesday looked like an ill omen for the next day this turned out to be completely unfounded.
The sun was shining and it was great weather for walking. Thanks to a press release about our walk several reporters of TV Gelderland and The Edese Post came by to report on this special event. Wim Hageman has made some very nice shots of our walk. Click here
Quite a few people had read the announcement in the newspaper and had come to join us during our walk. This way we had a big group of people some with and some without parrots.
After the walk all the people and of course the parrots got to enjoy the sunshine on the terrace of hotel / Eethuys
The WormHoef.
As usual we have made a photo / video impression. Enjoy!

Lunteren 2012

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