Parrotday at the Orchid Farm in Luttelgeest 2012

Sunday June 10, The Dutch Parrot Foundation, and the Clinic for Birds visited the Orchid Farm in Luttelgeest.
Many people had responded to the invitation to come and walk with their parrot(s) in beautifully landscaped gardens, including a beautiful butterfly garden.
There was plenty to do for the children in the Orchid Farm, a playground where the children could color and paint was a great succes.
The two workshops given by Drs Jan Hooimeijer were well attended. Although the weather was nice outside, there were many visitors and everyone was positive about our presence. It's been a great day for the visitors, but also for the volunteers of our foundation.
It was a great pleasure to be guest here and we certainly hope to come back again.

Orchid farm “Orchideeënhoeve” 2012

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