Does your parrot play outside every day?

The care and raising of a parrot means respect for the typical characteristics and features of the bird. It should take into account the interests and rights of the bird. The care and upbringing of a parrot as a pet bird also means that the bird will feel part of a group / family.

Part of the responsibility for the parrot is to take them along under various circumstances. Taking a walk without the parrot means that insufficient account is taken of the interests, rights and needs of the bird. The same as with children and dogs applies; take it to the playground, petting zoo or the forest as part of the care and upbringing. Visiting friends without taking the parrot along, is not in the interest of the parrot. If children or dogs are not taken outside and largely kept in the house, they also develop behavioural problems. Even more so if the dog or child is kept in a cage. A dog in a kennel will always behave like a kennel dog.

For the health and welfare of the parrot, it is important that they are taken outside as often as possible. They are entitled to as much direct sunlight as possible. The general rule should be that a parrot should be taken outside at least once a day to take advantage of sunlight and fresh air. Even the vilest criminal in prison has the fundamental right to be aired daily. What wrongs have parrots and parakeets done to be denied the joy of being allowed outside. This applies to the pet bird as well as birds in the aviculture.

Sunlight is an essential part of the health and welfare of humans and animals. It is well known that people suffer serious psychological problems due to lack of sunlight. People get light therapy in winter to prevent and treat sleep disorders and depression. It is known that lack of sunlight may cause serious health problems. The most common afflictions are those concerning underdevelopment of bones and problems with joints. If this condition occurs in young children or young animals it is called rickets. At an old age it is called osteoporosis. Sunlight is among other things of vital importance for the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone metabolism.

Hence our question, does your parrot play outside every day?
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