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The Dutch Parrot Foundation was founded by and for parrot and parakeet lovers.
The Dutch Parrot Foundation is a non profit organization that represents the interests and welfare of parrots and parakeets.
The Dutch Parrot Foundation seeks to contribute to a better world through its activities in the interest of parrots.
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-----01/06/2011----- Info market Arcaeopteryx 2012
Archaeopteryx has once again organised it’s annual Info market on Wednesday October 10th

-----01/06/2011----- Village day in Stabroek 2012
It was beautiful weather and a sunny Sunday at the village day in stabroek

-----01/06/2011----- Ienie Minie Fair 2012
Ienie Minie Fair Hilvarenbeek on the terrain of visitor centre “De Flierefluiter”

-----01/06/2011----- Viva la Vida 2012
The Dutch Parrot Foundation was present at the very first Viva la Vida fair in Best.

-----01/06/2011----- Hike/picnic 2012
On 15 July, a hike/picnic was organized by The Dutch Parrot Foundation in ‘t Twiske in Landsmeer

-----01/06/2011----- Countryfair Hoeksche Waard 2012
The Dutch Parrot Foundation visited the Countryfair in Strijen for the first time.

-----01/06/2011----- Farm & Countryfair 2012
We were present at the Farm & Countryfair in Aalten for the third time.

-----01/06/2011----- Third Rhoonish World Animal Day 2012
Animal clinic Den Otter celebrates its 25 anniversary. The Dutch Parrot Foundation joins in on the festivities.

-----01/06/2011----- Orchid farm “Orchideeënhoeve” 2012
Parrotday at the Orchid farm “Orchideeënhoeve” in Luttelgeest.

-----01/06/2011----- Lunteren 2012
Ascension = A day for walking.
This time it will be in Lunteren.

-----01/06/2011----- Animal Event 2012
Gold Animal Welfare Award for The Dutch Parrot Foundation! We received it at the Animal Event in the Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek
-----01/06/2011----- Alpaca show 2012
On Sunday 22e April in Westerlee (Groningen) an alpaca show was held. The Dutch Parrot Foundation was present.
-----01/06/2011----- Animal Activity Day 2012
On Sunday 18th of March the annual Animal Activity Day was organized by the students of Citaverde College.

-----01/06/2011----- Interview with Roel Wouters, volunteer
An interview with one of our volunteers.

-----01/06/2011----- Wellant Fair 2011
The Dutch Parrot Foundation attended the Wellant fair at the Wellant College in Houten.

-----01/06/2011----- Infomarket at Archaeopteryx 2011
The Dutch Parrot Foundation visited the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Utrecht Faculty.

-----01/06/2011----- Animal Day in the Buiktuin 2011
Like last year The Dutch Parrot Foundation was again present in the petting Zoo The Buiktuin.

-----01/06/2011----- Dorpsdag Stabroek in 2011
At the last Sunday in September the annual Village Day is held in Stabroek, Belgium.

-----01/06/2011----- Petting Zoo Horsterpark 2011
Sunday, September 11th we were invited to celebrate the fifth anniversary at
petting zoo Horsterpark.

-----01/06/2011----- Farm & Country Fair 2011
It has already been 16 years, that this fair is organized in Aalten.
We were present for the second time.

-----23/05/2011----- Picnic / Walk 2011
Every year on Father's Day the Clinic for Birds organises a walk / picnic.This year with cooperation of The Dutch Parrot Foundation.
-----01/06/2011----- Petting Zoo IJselstee 2011
On May 29th we were at the Petting Zoo IJsselstee in
"the weekend of the Petting Zoo”.

-----23/05/2011----- The Gouda Hofstede Days 2011
On 14 and 15 May, in Gouda the Hofstede Days were held.
An event where The Dutch Parrot Foundation was also present.
-----11/06/2010----- Animal Event 2011
On 15, 16, 17 April 2011 the Animal Event was held at the Beekse Bergen safari park, The Dutch Parrot Foundation was also present.
-----11/06/2010----- Animal Activity Day 2011
On the 3th of April 2011 the Animal Activity day and The Dutch Parrot Foundation was a good combination at the Citaverde College in Horst.
-----11/06/2010----- Home and Hobby Fair 2011
From the 24th to 27th of march The Dutch Parrot Foundation attended the first edition of the Home and Hobby Fair in Assen.
-----11/06/2010----- Guest in the classroom 2011
Friday, February 11, 2011 The Dutch Parrot Foundation was a second time guest in the classroom at the Werkenrode school in Groesbeek.
-----03/10/2010----- Our visit to the A. Bekemaschool 2011
You cannot be a true pirate without a parrot, hence our visit to the 3rd grade January 26, 2011

-----20/11/2010----- The animal behaviour symposium! 2010
Saturday, November 20th, the Animal Behavior Symposium was held, featuring internationally renowned speakers:
Jane Goodall & Irene Pepperberg!
-----03/10/2010----- Petting zoo De Buiktuin! 2010
The Dutch Parrot Foundation celebrated Animal Day on Sunday the 3rd of October at petting zoo De Buiktuin!
For an impression of the day.
-----01/01/2010----- Farm & Country Fair Aalten june 2010
The Dutch Parrot Foundation has won the award for best organization! A clever piece of work for which we have our foundations volunteers to thank!
-----11/06/2010----- Guest in the class 2010
June the 11th The Dutch Parrot Foundation was “Guest in the class” of a group of students attending the Werkenrode school in Groesbeek.
-----05/06/2010----- animal shelter Louterbloemen
June 5th 2010 Animal shelter Louterbloemen celebrated it’s 80th anniversary. The Dutch Parrot Foundation Was asked to be present at this occasion.
15 t/m 17/04/2010 Animal Event 16, 17, 18th of april 2010
The Dutch Parrot Event was present at the 4th Animal Event held in the safari park the Beekse Bergen. A grand total of 26.645 people visited this event.
-----30/01/2010----- Open day at Helicon January 30 2010
The Dutch Parrot Foundation was invited to attend the open day at Helicon in Velp.

-----01/01/2010----- Baby trade good for parrots?
The trade in baby parrots who is it good for, the parrot, the breeder, the dealer or the buyer? Who really end up better off in such a situation?
-----01/01/2010----- Sign the online petition!

-----01/01/2010----- Bird markets legal cruelty to animals
The government does not take the health and wellbeing problems of birds seriously.

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